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Fencing FAQs


Here at Ace, we are committed to providing our customers with everything they could ever need from a fence company. An important part of our business includes answering our customers’ many questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (Fencing FAQs) that we hear. If you have additional questions concerning your future fencing project, please don’t hesitate to ask our experts.

I want total privacy. What are my fencing options?
Board-On-Board wood fences or Tongue-and-Groove PVC fencing are your two options for complete privacy.

I want my fence as high as possible. How high is my fence allowed to be?
Most cities, with a very few exceptions, allow a maximum height of six feet for residential fencing.

Am I required to get a permit?
Almost always. You do need a permit even if you are only replacing an existing fence. If your project is small, some repairs may not require a permit.

Can I get my own permit?
Yes, but it probably won’t be any faster than if we get it for you. We have a dedicated permit clerk on staff for immediate handling of any and all permits.

Will I save money by getting the permits on my own, instead of having Ace do the work?
We charge you exactly what you would pay to get your own permit, except for a minimal fee for submitting and retrieving the permits from the city in most cases. See “What Else Should I Know About Permitting” below for more details.

How long will it take to build my fence?
Roughly, our crews can build about 100 feet of fence per day.

How long will the process take from start to finish?
There are multiple variables to consider when estimating the length of a fencing project. The most significant issue is the length of time the city will take to issue a permit. Some are faster than others. We submit the request first, and then we must wait for them to respond. We have no control over this period of time. Typically, this process may take two to three weeks but can vary widely. Another factor impacting the length of a fencing project is the materials used for the fence construction. Most materials are on-site or available within a few short days. The exception to this would be our Picket Aluminum (Alumi Guard) fencing material, which takes three to four weeks to obtain.

What else should I know about permitting?
There are some prerequisites for submitting for a permit. A Notice of Commencement must be filed for any job with a value of $2500 or more. Some cities require a permission letter from the HOA with the application as well. If any part of your fence will be built in an easement, waivers must be obtained from all easement holders before a permit can be applied for.

Can we build the fence before we get the permit?

Can we build without calling for central locating to mark the underground cables?
No. It is illegal to dig a hole without having done this first. The markings will only last a short time on your property.

I need a custom gate. Can Ace handle that need?
Absolutely. We have a custom welding capability to make gates of any size for our chain link and wood gates. Our manufacturers can also make custom-sized gates for PVC and Aluminum fences.

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