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Ace Fence Co. - Since 1961 Quality & Affordable Aluminum Fences

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Ace Fence Co. - Since 1961

Quality & Affordable Aluminum Fences

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Aluminum fencing from Ace is a beautiful fencing option. Aluminum is maintenance free and will not rust like iron or steel and is therefore an ideal material for our climate. It can minimize visual interference with its surroundings or be dressed up to make a statement like no other material can. It has the flexibility to be purchased affordably or to allow a wide variety of style choices and enhancements.

Here at Ace, we offer two types of aluminum fences: railing and picket.

Rail Aluminum

Rail aluminum is a product used almost exclusively in South Florida and is built locally. In residential fence it offers a simple style with a larger picket than the nationally manufactured picket aluminum product at a reasonable price point. We partner with Winrise and can obtain your fence within a few days.

Rail Aluminum Fence Gallery

Picket Aluminum

Picket aluminum is produced by national manufacturers and used nationwide. It offers unparalleled style choices, color choices and enhancements such as rings, finals and post caps. It is offered in residential, commercial and industrial sizes. It can accommodate a wide variety of gate needs including large sizes, rolling gates and can be made with arches and other enhancements. It is rackable, meaning it can go up and down terrain that is not flat without having to stair step as is the case with rail aluminum. Because of the many available choices, it will take three to four weeks to obtain this product.

Picket Aluminum Fence Gallery

Differences Between Rail and Picket Aluminum:

Rail aluminum:

Picket aluminum:

As with all of Ace’s fencing options, any Aluminum fence purchased and installed from us will meet or exceed any and all structural codes and wind load requirements in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. You can rest assured knowing that you’re getting an extremely durable fence that will look great for years to come.