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Ace Fence Co. - Since 1961

Quality & Affordable Wood Fences

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Wood Fencing Options From Ace

For many people, nothing can replace the look of a traditional wood fence. Wood is the only natural fence material and is long valued for its classic beauty as well as its durability. Wood fencing is also one of the most cost-effective types on the market today, and with Ace on your side, you can be sure that you’ll get the best value for your money. Take a moment to read below to learn more about our wood fencing options.

Board-on-Board Fencing

Board-on-Board wood is one of only two fencing options available that provides total privacy (the other option is tongue and groove PVC). By overlapping boards in layers on one side of the fence, Ace is able to create a virtually gapless fence that will always keep your property private. Fences constructed only with side-by-side boards can lose their privacy over time because of natural changes in the wood due to absorption and loss of moisture. Board-on-Board fencing is an excellent option for any homeowner looking for a functional, attractive fence that also provides the privacy and durability desired.
Board-on-Board Fencing Gallery

Vertical Shadow Box Fencing

Vertical Shadow Box is the classic wood fence design people choose most often. Alternating boards on each side of the fence gives the homeowner on the inside of the yard a “good side” of the fence to view. This semi-private style is also durable, functional and cost-effective, making it a fantastic choice for many home and property owners.
Vertical Shadow Box Fencing Gallery

Executive Shadow Box- Double Executive Shadow Box Fencing

Perhaps our most beautiful and attention-grabbing wooden fencing option, this model takes the basic shadow box design and adds executive strips (narrower wood pickets) between each board on the outside of the fence. This gives the shadow box fence added privacy as well. These strips can be added to the inside of the fence as well. That is called Double Executive Shadow Box. The Executive Shadow Box is the premium wood choice in both looks and functionality, instantly increasing any home’s curb appeal.
Executive Shadow Box Gallery

Why Buy a Wood Fence from Ace?

All wood fences are built by Ace, board-by-board, on your property using high-quality wood and thick-coat galvanized ring shank nails that don’t rust, bleed or pull out over time. We never buy pre-made wood panels that are often made of lower-quality materials. This is another Ace Peace of Mind feature.