Chain-Link Fencing Options from Ace

Residential Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fences are everywhere. Why does this fence type remain one of the most popular options year-after-year?

Chain-link fencing is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to establish a strong and secure property line. Residential Chain-Link fencing is low-maintenance due to the fact that it is highly durable and weather-resistant. It can last nearly a lifetime. It is affordable, both in up-front costs and in the long run, making it a wise investment. Residential Chain-Link fencing is also available in black and green for an upgraded look and added strength.


Why Consider Residential Chain-Link Fencing?

  • Strength: Chain-link is the strongest fence material because it is made of steel. Therefore, it is the ideal choice when security is the most important consideration. We can also create a stronger chain-link fence for your property by using thicker mesh fabric, larger top rails, bottom rails, tension wires, and thicker posts.
  • Durability: Chain-link fencing is galvanized, making it highly resistant to rust. Black and green chain-link fences are vinyl coated, adding increased strength and beauty. A chain-link fence will stand strong day after day, no matter the environmental stresses you encounter on a frequent basis.
  • Low relative cost: Chain-link fencing is possibly the most cost-efficient material available on the market today. Even when dressed up with a color, it remains a bargain compared to other fence materials and other security solutions.

Commercial Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing from Ace provides commercial properties the added, around-the-clock security our customers seek to safeguard valuable assets. Ace fencing always meets or exceeds every structural code and wind load requirement in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We meet or exceed your insurance requirements and provide a Peace of Mind Warranty with every job.

Ace has always serviced our commercial customers (management companies, homeowner’s associations, commercial businesses, national corporations, etc.) with the capabilities needed for chain-link applications. In addition to galvanized fencing with multiple configuration options, Ace also offers other options: 




  • Has a post every 5 feet
  • Has 3/4” x 3/4” pickets in residential fence
  • Is usually less expensive
  • Must be stair-stepped if the ground is not level
  • Simple style - a top and a bottom rail with pickets in between
  • Top rail continuous and rounded. It ooks like a mashroom when viewed from the end.
  • Obtain in a few days


  • Vinyl coated/powder coated chain link
  • Barbwire
  • Bollards
  • PDS Slats
  • Windscreen
  • Large-sized roll or swing gates that can be motorized
  • Complete perimeter security
  • Dumpster gates and enclosures
  • Tennis Courts
  • Indoor warehouse applications
  • Industrial facilities

We make gates that we install in our custom welding shop. As a result, we can accommodate any size requests and control the quality of each gate’s manufacturing. This is another Ace distinction that offers our customers Peace of Mind.

Still not sure if chain-link is the right material for you? Ace can help. All it takes is a few minutes to learn about the possibilities that chain-link fence has to offer. Contact us to learn more.

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